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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give free estimates?

Yes. If you are within the Longview area, we offer estimates at no cost to you. In cases where the site is fifty miles or more outside of Longview, a trip fee may apply.

What does your price include?

It is possible that you may find a lower price than ours, but what makes the difference? Our original estimate includes additional services that others’ do not. We strive to estimate an accurate number of shingles as well as other materials. We also survey your roof to determine additional needs such as vent stack covers, ventilation requirements and problem areas. Our goal is to provide you with a true assessment of the cost required to roof or re-roof your home according to our high standards.

What type of roofing do you provide?

We only use quality materials on your home. Anything less would reflect on the reputation of the services we provide. We offer a variety of roof types including metal, imitation slate and composition. Composition roofs are the most common and have many styles available, ranging from standard 3-tab to architectural shingles. You choose the style and the color you want to obtain the desired look. We will be glad to assist your decision by offering recommendations and allowing you to select from the many samples we have on hand.

Do you clean up after a job?

Absolutely! Preparation for cleanup after a job, starts before roofing ever begins – covering shrubs and surveying the site to avoid damage to sprinkler systems, gutters, patio furniture, etc. After the job is complete a thorough inspection of the site insures that no shingles, nails or trash remain.

How long does a job typically take?

As with any type of construction, the time it takes to do a job depends on the size and difficulty of that job and will vary with each site. In addition, weather is a crucial factor especially in roofing. Every effort is made to insure you the timeliest completion available under each given situation.

What kind of warranties do you offer?

Every job includes a 5-year non-transferable workmanship warranty. We take pride in our work and do our best to offer you quality service - the first time. Product warranties are also available from the manufacturer upon request.