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Is my roof at risk?

Water leaks or temperature inconsistencies in your home could mean your roofing system isn’t working properly. If you’re seeing signs of wear and tear on roofing shingles, noticing drips or peeling paint in your rooms or seeing water spots on the ceiling, it may be time to think about a roof replacement.

Which Roof Is Best for Me?

There are many factors to consider in choosing a roof, including style, color, durability, warranties and installation. Most roofs are asphalt shingles. In certain regions, tile and low-slop or flat roofs are also available. For asphalt roofs, traditional, three-tab flat asphalt shingles offer more value and performance than industry-standard shingles. They're color blended for a natural look. Architectural shingles create a multidimensional effect. They feature laminated construction for longer life.

How do I know my roof has been installed correctly?

Clint Tuel Roofing has almost 40 years of experience with residential roofing, including new construction and tear-offs. Clint monitors work throughout the entire process and does an inspection of each job upon completion. His team has been educated in the correct way to install a roof and stays up-to-date on new techniques.

There are so many companies, how do I choose a contractor?

You have the privilege of choosing among the East Texas roofing companies in whom you have the most confidence & trust. Even if you get recommendations from various sources, it is still your responsibility to research the companies. Your insurance company may ask you to go with the lowest bid, but you do not have to do that. If one bid comes in substantially cheaper than the others, they may be cutting corners somewhere. When it comes to your home, it is never a good idea to go with less than quality materials or workmanship. It is important to remember; you get what you pay for. Be sure the company you choose is local and reputable. They should have at least 10 years’ experience locally and should be verifiable through the Better Business Bureau. Also, make sure they have a solid line of communication. In case of emergency or if you have problems, you want to be able to contact them immediately.

How long does a job typically take?

A job usually takes 1-2 days to complete. However, as with all types of construction, the time it takes to complete a job varies with the size and difficulty associated with each individual residence. Something imperative to remember is that weather plays a large role in our schedule and how long a task will take. If there is inclement weather before we begin work on your home, please understand that this may delay our start date as we have had to pause our current jobs and push everyone else back as well. Also, if there is rain or snow while we are in the midst of work on your home, have confidence that we will have your roof covered and protected from incurring any damage due to the weather.